How To Cook, Clean, and Steam Mussels

If you’re wondering how to cook mussels, then you’re in the right place.  Here is a complete how-to on the easiest way to steam fresh mussels. I will teach you how to prepare them with details on how to store them, de-bearding and cleaning them too!

How To  Cook, Clean, and Steam Mussels


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Storing Mussels

Place mussels in colander. Top with ice and place in fridge. Only use a towel to cover. Add more ice if necessary.

Cleaning Mussels

Discard any broken shells. Because they’re on ice, they are very slow to react, so you can tap any of them that are open on the cutting board, and if they close they are alive. If they do not close, throw them away, they are dead and cannot be eaten.

Cleaning Mussels

Gently run cold water over each mussel, and scrub shells with a kitchen brush to remove any pieces of foreign matter from the shells. De-beard them by removing the fibrous piece of rope if it is attached.

Cooking Mussels

Mussels are very easy to cook and can be done so in an almost formulaic way, so that you can experiment and change the flavors but use the same method over and over!

Cooking Mussels

When mussels cook they open up and end up taking up more space in the pot, so make sure you choose a pot large enough to accommodate them once opened.

Cooking Mussels

Once you’ve cleaned your mussels, measure out your other ingredients, and chop your veggies and meats. I like to use garlic and onion in mussels. From there head in any direction you want- Mexican, Thai, Italian… the world is your MUSSEL!

Cooking Mussels

Once you’ve chosen the direction you are going with your mussels. Cook veggies, saute meats, simmer liquid and add in the mussels on top. No need to stir. Just put on a lid and let them steam until the shells open

Cooking Mussels

Stir everything together. The liquid and veggies will now be able to get into the mussels and flavor them. The shells will catch all of the good juices too! Serve and enjoy!

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