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Healthier Classic American Recipes & Comfort Food Makeovers

These comfort food and American cooking classics are our healthy versions of everyone’s favorite recipes. From healthy homemade fish sticks and oven baked chicken tenders, to casseroles with extra veggies added in such as baked macaroni and cheese with broccoli, butternut squash lasagna and spinach stuffed shells. Learn how to make creamy pasta dishes with fewer calories and our best tricks for getting rich tasting stews and chilis in the slow cooker. Plus turkey meatloaf, roasted Crispy Skin Chicken, enchiladas and shepherd’s pie!

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Healthy Creamy Chicken a la King

This creamy chicken a la king recipe is a homemade version of the classic comfort food dish and is loaded with fresh vegetables and a splash of cream. Pasta replaces puff pastry so that it comes together in just 30 minutes making it a perfect weeknight meal!

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