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About Katie

Katie Webster in the kitchenI’ll try to keep it short, but brevity has never been my strong suit. Nor has spelling for that matter (thank goodness for that squiggly red line.) If I were forced to sum-up my cooking style into five words I’d say I’m a…

…healthy pragmatic locavore omnivore culinerd.

I love chocolate, bacon and wine, but I also eat salad like it’s my job.

I am a culinary school grad, former art major, recovering food stylist, group fitness instructor and mother of two girls.  Have I mentioned my husband is a saint and loves to do dishes?…JK, he doesn’t but a girl can dream. In case it isn’t obvious, I am constantly over-committed and lost deep in the weeds. Let’s hang out and talk and eat!

my food blogging journey

I wrote the first post on this blog in 2009 when my second daughter turned a year old. My plan was to transition from my job working in the test kitchen at EatingWell Magazine, to building up my own body of work as a freelancer and continue on as a part time food stylist. Here I am today about 650+ posts later, with an 12 and 10 year old, I’ve hung up my tweezers, and I have a pretty decent body of freelance work and a cookbook with my name on the cover. If you had asked me back then when I was writing that first post, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to maintain the blog and post with regularity. I also had no clue that devoted readers and instant fame just wasn’t going to happen just like that. Or how much I would absolutely love every part of it. For realz, I truly love coming up with an idea for a recipe, making it work, photographing it, enjoying it with my family and then sharing it here on the pages of the blog with you all. There is nothing I love more than opening an email from one of you and you’ve told me that you’ve cooked one of my recipes, or that something I had said struck a chord with you. Seriously. Write me.

ready to work with you.

Half of my day is spent writing this blog, and the other half is spent creating delicious custom content for food brands.

Is your brand looking for fresh, delicious, and drool-worthy content to feed its hungry following? Great, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve found your girl.

I develop recipes and provide mouth-watering photography that will have your followers lining up for seconds. You can learn more about my services, and reach out to me about working together over at or by contacting me with the form below.

getting around on healthy seasonal recipes


Over the years I have written some recipes that are my personal favorites. A lot of them happen to be reader favorites too. You can find them all here on the Best of Healthy Seasonal Recipes.

You can also cruise through the archives by using the recipes by category page.

Or you can click through to the site index for a complete list of categories.

I also have written some tips for food bloggers too, including help with photography, food styling and how to write a recipe like a pro.


To hear more about my philosophy on seasonality here is a good post to read. And why I think it’s important to choose local.

You can expect to hear a lot from me about healthy eating. I follow the intuitive eating method. To learn more about what healthy means to me a few good posts to check out are this one about being an omnivore in moderation, on avoiding diets and having a positive attitude.


At the end of every week I send out an email with all of the posts from the week which is a great way to keep up with posts.

And always, if you still can’t find what you are looking for, need help finding an ingredient, or want to substitute another ingredient, PLEASE don’t hesitate to drop me an email and just ask. Did you hear me say I love hearing from you guys? Or you can tweet me or drop me a message on facebook.

And hanging out on social media is always a fun distraction. Find me. We’ll procrastinate together.

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