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Peach Recovery Smoothie

Here is a recipe for a Peach Recovery Smoothie with banana, coconut water and Greek yogurt. Try it for a snack or after a workout…Read More

peach and goat cheese panini

I’m super psyched to be here today with this delicious peach and goat cheese panini. The tangy creaminess of the fresh goat cheese pairs perfectly…Read More

my favorite food styling tools

If you’re looking for some tips to up your game in food styling, you may find a few ideas here. I am a recovering food…Read More

chocolate raspberry yogurt pops

I don’t want to wallow in sadness, but I just have to get something off my chest. Please feel free to skip to the Dannies…Read More

five bean salad with curry

Hold onto your hats people, I am going to take you to Flavortown with this five bean salad with edamame, curry, mint and cilantro, a.k.a….Read More

skillet chicken with cheddar chive sauce

Afternoon sports, graduation parties, spring concerts oh my. This time of year is busier than can be. And all I want to do is play…Read More

Green Mountain Smoothie

This Green Mountain Smoothie is the perfect quick snack recipes to add into your daily routine. It’s great after a workout, with breakfast, or really…Read More

Dark Rum, Mint and Lime Cocktails {Ricky Bobbies}

This Rum Mint Cocktail recipe is as easy, breezy and tasty as can be. With only three main ingredients (not including ice) it comes together…Read More

Healthy Superbowl Recipe Line-Up

Are you ready for the game on Sunday? Need recipes for a Superbowl party? Looking for menu inspiration that won’t derail your efforts to keep…Read More

oven baked cajun fries

With just 4 ingredients and less than 45 minutes, you too can have these super addictive baked Cajun Fries! How to Make Cajun Fries Some…Read More

cranberry pesto crostini with chevre

This week we have another healthy cranberry recipe. Lisa Danforth of Hot Betty BBQ shared her fabulous Cranberry Pesto recipe with us. Served with crostini…Read More

Homemade Pumpkin Puree

Making your own homemade pumpkin puree couldn’t be simpler!   This week I pulled a favorite healthy seasonal recipe out of the archives to talk…Read More

Shrimp And Corn With Cheese Grits

These Shrimp and Corn Grits are full of flavor with the addition of salsa and extra sharp cheddar. And you can have this delicious dish…Read More

what seasonal means to me and brown rice salad with berries recipe

I don’t really get a lot of comments on my blog. I guess it’s because I don’t spend enough time figuring out the whole SEO…Read More

Turkey Pad Thai

With a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salt and fat all tossed together with the comfort of noodles, the crunch of peanuts, and an unexpected…Read More

garam masala cedar plank salmon

This Garam Masala Cedar Plank Salmon is super simple to make (even though it sounds exotic!) Simply rub the whole filet of salmon with the…Read More

cherry almond chocolate bark

Chocolate lovers unite!! This Cherry Almond Chocolate Bark is delicious and easy to make after a quick lesson on tempering chocolate. Take a moment to…Read More

Sorrel Pesto

Yesterday I had my first taste of sorrel. I don’t know why it took me so long to try it, but now I’m glad that…Read More

smoky barbecue meatloaf

Meatloaf lovers unite! This smokey barbecue meatloaf is kept moist with well hidden mushrooms and the flavor is well balanced with smoked paprika and barbecue…Read More