Hello my fine folks! It’s apple season, and I am going bananas for apples. Or should I say I’m going apples for apples? Today I have 50+ healthy apple recipes for you to try this fall. Plus information about which varieties are in season during early, mid and late season. What is the best way to store apples and which apples are best for baking and which are best for snacking!

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Why We Love Apples

My apple obsession began when I was a kid. My mom tells me I “had” to have one in my lunchbox every day. Always the discerning foodie I was not into the mealy varieties like Red Delicious. I wanted them hard and crisp like a Granny Smith.

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In the nineties, my mom ended up moving to Vermont and bought an apple orchard with dozens of varieties I’d never tried. That’s when I had my first Macoun. They are one of those old-fashioned varieties that don’t keep or travel well, so a lot of folks haven’t tried them. [By the way, it’s pronounced either mac-cowan or macoon depending on who you ask.] If you haven’t had one, they are worth seeking out. They are full of juicy flavor and really crisp. I wonder what my college roommate thought about the fact that I used to store a peck of Macouns next to the Saranac Black and Tan in our dorm fridge.

Nowadays I prefer to snack on Honey Crisp apples- I mean c’mon- who doesn’t LOVE Honey Crisp apples?!!! Woot woot! Read on to find out more about different varieties of apples and find 50 plus healthy recipes for apple season!

The Best Way To Store Apples

That expression, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch is based on the fact that apples give off ethylene as they ripen. Ethylene causes fruits to ripen. This is useful if you’re trying to soften an avocado or banana, just put them into a paper bag with an apple or two and seal it shut to hold in the ethylene.

Otherwise, for storing apples it is best to keep them away from other fruits and vegetables so they don’t cause them to rot. Apples should be kept as cold as possible without freezing.

For the longest term storage wrap each apple in a thin sheet of acid free tissue paper in a produce crisper drawer of a fridge.

What Are the Best Apples Best For Storing?

  • Honey Crisp
  • Mutsu
  • Northern Spy
  • Ambrosia
  • Braeburn
  • Fuji
  • Honey Crisp
  • Jazz
  • Pinata
  • Pink Lady
  • Sweet Tango

Apple Varieties By Season

Early Season ApplesMid Season ApplesLate Season Apples
Paula RedsMcIntoshMutsu (crispn)
Jersey MacCortlandFireside
Ginger GoldEmpireFrostbite
Red DeliciousHaralson
Golden DeliciousKeepsake
Honey CrispNorthern Spy
Honey GoldSnow Sweet

Best Apple Varieties For Baking or Snacking

Best Baking ApplesBest Snacking Apples
McIntosh (*See note below)Ambrosia
Ginger GoldHoney Crisp
Golden DeliciousJazz
Rome BeautyPink Lady
Red RomeSweet Tango

*Note: MacIntosh apples are very saucy when cooked and are a great addition to pies when blended with other more firm apples. They may be too soft or juicy to use for cakes and other pastries.

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Healthy Apple Dinner Recipes

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Apple Dessert Recipes To Try This Fall

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  • Have you been apple picking yet?
  • What varieties have you been seeing at the market?
  • What are your favorite varieties?
  • Do you like one variety for baking and one for eating?
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