I’ve collected a slew of healthy lunches to inspire your mid-day meal! These recipes are great for all ages (yes, even you). With this awesome round-up of Healthy Lunch Recipes, you can confidently send your kids off to school and yourself off to work (or work at home) knowing you’ll all be well nourished and well fed.

A collage of different lunchbox recipes for kids

So whether you like to wrap it, stuff it into a jar, sandwich it, dip it or snack on it, we have you covered with this impressive round-up of lunch box recipes for kids. And most are simple enough that the kids can help or even pack their own lunch and maybe yours too. How great is that?!!

I hope you enjoy these awesome recipes from me as well as other amazing food bloggers that were generous enough to contribute!

Healthy Lunch Recipes

The options for lunch recipes are truly endless. You can pack green leafy salads, pasta salads, chicken salads, sandwiches, healthy sweets, and so much more. Here is a roundup of our all-time favorites.

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Happy Cooking! ~Katie