Hey friends, please give a warm welcome to Stephanie today. She is bringing us a really rad round-up of Healthy Back to School Lunchbox recipes today. Since July, Stephanie has been working with me behind the scenes here on the blog helping out in a million ways, and today is her first day wearing her Editor hat here! I hope you’ll greet her with open arms, leave loads of comments below, and enjoy all the great recipes she collected for us!

Happy Cooking!



Hello!! I feel like a debutante making my big debut at the ball! A really awesome food blog ball. I’m excited and a bit nervous, but mostly thrilled because I get to work with the most uber-talented and inspiring culinerd around – Katie!

For my first post, I’ve collected 50 healthy and packable lunch recipes not only for little people, but also busy big people (i.e. you and me).  With this awesome round up you can send your kiddos back to school knowing they’ll be well nourished and ready to drive their teachers crazy (just kidding!), and you’ll have enough energy to not fall asleep during that extremely long conference call at 2pm.

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So whether you like to wrap it, stuff it into a jar, sandwich it, dip it or snack on it, we have you covered with this impressive round up. And most are simple enough that the kids can help or even pack their own lunch and maybe your’s too. How great is that?!!

I hope you enjoy these awesome recipes from the above-mentioned incredible Katie and other amazing food bloggers that were generous enough to contribute! I look forward to chatting with you again soon!


Do you take your lunch to work?

Do your kids like to help pack their lunchbox?

wrap it


easy fruit and cream cheese lunch wraps {healthy seasonal recipes}

mexican chicken salad lettuce cups {healthy seasonal recipes}

turkey reuben quesadilla with pear  {healthy seasonal recipes}

buffalo hummus chicken salad roll ups {Angie’s Kitchen}

california quinoa salad collard wraps with edamame pesto {cotter Crunch}

chicken tikka wrap {food pleasure & health}

ham and egg wrap with herbs {Rachel Cooks}

vegetarian taco wraps {Living Lou}

stuff it into a jar


shrimp and edamame power salad in a jar {healthy seasonal recipes}

rainbow parfaits to-go {healthy seasonal recipes}

black bean quinoa salad with mango and avocado {healthy seasonal recipes}

no-cook zucchini noodles with pesto {healthy seasonal recipes}

simple tabbouleh {healthy seasonal recipes}

five bean salad with curry {healthy seasonal recipes}

grilled corn and chickpea salad {healthy seasonal recipes}

mason jar healthy taco salad {Food faith Fitness}

lunchbox chickpea salad {food, pleasure & health}

chopped kale and chickpea salad with tamarind vinaigrette {food, pleasure & health}

avocado caprese salad {Back to Her Roots}

greek quinoa salad {Back to Her Roots}

blueberry chicken salad with rosemary {the real food dietitians}

classic italian veggie pasta salad {peas & crayons}

5-ingredient pizza pasta salad {The Lemon Bowl}

sandwich it


peach and goat cheese panini {healthy seasonal recipes}

california veggie sandwich: fresh market copycat {peas & crayons}

superfood greek yogurt chicken salad sandwich with honey mustard {Food faith Fitness}

homemade baked gluten free “uncrustables” {cotter Crunch}

strawberry spinach sandwich + salad {nourish move love}

lighter tuna salad pockets {Living Lou}

dip it


roasted garlic hummus {healthy seasonal recipes}

super green edamame hummus {healthy seasonal recipes}

black bean hummus {healthy seasonal recipes}

low-fat ranch dip {healthy seasonal recipes}

maple pumpkin dip {healthy seasonal recipes}

snack on it


chocolate chip zucchini bread {healthy seasonal recipes}

honey nut snack bars {healthy seasonal recipes}

cherry berry breakfast cookies {healthy seasonal recipes}

banana bread with dates and walnuts {healthy seasonal recipes}

gluten free date bread with coffee and ginger {healthy seasonal recipes}

maple walnut cookie bars and raisins {healthy seasonal recipes}

cranberry almond quick break {healthy seasonal recipes}

zucchini oatmeal bread {healthy seasonal recipes}

eggnog pumpkin bread with cinnamon streusel {healthy seasonal recipes}

stove-top popcorn {healthy seasonal recipes}

{one bowl} chia seed peanut butter banana breakfast cookies {With Salt & Wit}

cranberry white chocolate energy bites {With Salt & Wit}

blender paleo blueberry muffins {the roasted root}

grain-free banana chocolate chip mini muffins {the real food dietitians}

dark chocolate cherry energy bites {the real food dietitians}

healthiest 3 ingredient cookies you’ll ever make {+ egg-free cookie dough} {nourish move love}