Here are 25 Healthy Cucumber Recipes to inspire you all summer long. Cucumbers are one of those summer vegetables that I anticipate with great happiness every year. I just love them so much. And then once the first tender baby cukes arrive, it is suddenly like the floodgates have been opened and the cucumbers just won’t stop coming in! Sometimes I need a little inspiration. So I gathered up more than thirty healthy recipes for cucumbers for inspiration!

simple healthy cucumber salad in a black bowl, from above

Just like cucumber season, this is one of those round-up posts that just kept going and going. There were so many great recipes out there. I love to make a simple skinny cucumber salad (see number 1 below) on a busy weeknight since it only takes a few seconds to get it on the table.

I also love adding cucumbers to big power salads, like recipe number 2. But cucumbers aren’t just for salads, as you know. I found lots of great recipe ideas that go beyond salads on other food blogs, and I included those here as well as my favorites from Healthy Seasonal Recipes. Please be sure to pin away and share the love!

25 Healthy Cucumber Recipes

Cucumbers, when in season, are one of the best green vegetables you could add to a recipe. They're nutritious and tasty, and always add freshness to any dish. However, sometimes even I can run out of ideas for what to do with my cucumbers. So, here are 30 Healthy Cucumber Recipes to inspire you all summer long.

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Happy Cooking! ~Katie