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turkey chili with pintos ~ from the archives
09/19/2014  |  6 Comments

I pulled one of my favorite recipes out from the archives from 2011 to share with you today, turkey chili with pintos. It is gluten-free and perfect for  enjoying while you watch football! Last... more

lamb and millet tagine with cinnamon and prunes {gluten-free}
09/18/2014  |  15 Comments

I have a hearty gluten-free stew recipe today with tons of sweet and savory flavor. It is Lamb and Millet Tagine with cinnamon and prunes topped with parsley and lemon.... more

baby arugula and butternut salad with maple vinaigrette {paleo, vegan and glutenfree}
09/16/2014  |  No Comments

I have a guest post today from the lovely Caroline Hurley of Taste, Love & Nourish. She is sharing a beautiful autumn salad today, that I can't wait to make for... more

spaghetti squash with mushroom rosemary sauce {paleo and vegan}
09/12/2014  |  4 Comments

As promised I have a paleo and vegan entrée today. This recipe is made with spaghetti squash and topped with savory mushroom sauce with caramelized onion, roasted garlic and rosemary.... more

thursday things ~ bodyattack instructor training recap
09/11/2014  |  2 Comments

Here is the recap of what happened during Les Mills BodyAttack instructor Training, what it was like, what I ate and what I learned. I spent two nights in Boston, Cambridge... more

stove-top roasted garlic
09/09/2014  |  10 Comments

One would think that with A. This being a seasonal food blog B. Only having enough bandwidth in my schedule to bust out two recipes a week and C. Pretty much everything under the... more

harvest vegetable soup
09/05/2014  |  14 Comments

Healthy home-made soup recipe with all sorts of yummy harvest veggies including butternut squash and kale. Paleo, vegan and gluten-free. Is there such a thing as soup crazy? Like stir crazy?... more

i have something to tell you ~ thursday things
09/04/2014  |  55 Comments

I am jumping out of my chair excited about something. Like this is so big… no, huge that pretty much everything I have been doing career wise in the last... more

cheddar roasted tomatoes {vegetarian and glutenfree}
09/02/2014  |  16 Comments

This is one of those recipes like my pickled beets that is so so so easy it isn’t really even a recipe and I feel like a big fat cheater... more

the best caesar salad
08/29/2014  |  10 Comments

Any food blogger worth their salt (tee hee) knows that when you go and tackle one of those iconic recipes, like Pad Thai, hummus or Guacamole, you better be pretty... more

green apple smoothie {vegan, paleo and gluten-free}
08/28/2014  |  6 Comments

Glance around my living room, don’t mind the bins of Legos and wooden train tracks, and you may notice a tall stack of cookbooks on my coffee table. In our... more

lemony fennel relish
08/26/2014  |  21 Comments

Serve this lemony relish relish with garlic and capers as a side dish, salad or condiment. It goes with pork, salmon and lamb. Paleo and gluten-free. You guys, have I told... more

honey nut snack bars
08/22/2014  |  35 Comments

Just in time for Back To School the Recipe Redux monthy challenge is all about snazzifying lunchboxes with healthy bars and bites: I was so excited to attack the challenge of... more

attitude adjustments ~ thursday things
08/21/2014  |  10 Comments

When I was eighteen I did a two week backpacking Outward Bound in the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Besides the two un-medicated child births I have been though,... more