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  • Healthy Home-Made Roasted Garlic Hummus
stuffed chard leaves with beef and pine nuts
04/29/2016  |  31 Comments

These Stuffed Chard Leaves with beef and pine nuts make a tasty, low-carb, grain-free comfort food meal. They are studded with currants and feta cheese and topped with tomato sauce and cheddar.... more

maple teriyaki marinade
04/26/2016  |  22 Comments

Making home-made teriyaki marinade is so simple and so delicious especially when it has maple syrup in it! You'll never have to buy bottled again. Bonus: this recipe is made with... more

black bean quinoa salad with mango and avocado
04/22/2016  |  18 Comments

This black bean and quinoa salad with mango and avocado is a delicious gluten-free side salad for potlucks, parties and summertime picnics, and the left-overs make a healthy vegan lunch. Last week... more

super green tea antioxidant smoothie
04/15/2016  |  14 Comments

This Super Green Tea Antioxidant Smoothie gets its color from spinach and matcha green tea powder. It is loaded with protein, vitamins and antioxidants and comes in at only 200... more

roasted root vegetables with spring herbs
04/12/2016  |  8 Comments

This recipe for mixed roasted root vegetables and Brussles sprouts has fresh chopped spring herbs and lemon zest added in for freshness. Learning how to roast mixed root vegetables this... more

healthy american chop suey
04/08/2016  |  19 Comments

Healthy American Chop Suey made with grass-fed beef, lots of healthy veggies and whole-grain pasta. This from-scratch, family favorite recipe is ready in 45 minutes and comes in at 330... more

black pepper maple candied bacon
03/31/2016  |  8 Comments

The best maple candied bacon with black pepper. Just three ingredients and 5 minutes of prep to make. Using the oven, pure maple syrup and a sheet of parchment are... more

sweet potato noodles with shrimp and cilantro pesto
03/29/2016  |  8 Comments

This recipe for gluten-free sweet potato noodles topped with shrimp, cilantro pesto and peas is a clean eating weeknight meal ready in under 45 minutes! Years ago, when I first started... more

grapefruit champagne cocktail
03/25/2016  |  14 Comments

These simple and bitter sweet grapefruit champagne cocktail are breeze to make and they star my favorite liquor, Campari. They are perfect to serve instead of orange juice mimosas at... more

southwest cobb kale salad
03/22/2016  |  12 Comments

These healthy Cobb Salads have a Southwest twist. Along with the traditional bacon and hard-boiled eggs, these salads also have black bean, corn, jicama and cilantro on top. Back in my... more

slow cooker ham and broccoli brunch bread pudding
03/18/2016  |  4 Comments

Happy Friday my dear friends. This Slow Cooker Ham and Broccoli Brunch Bread Pudding is the perfect make-ahead recipe for Easter or Mother's Day brunch. You won't want to miss... more

saying no when i want to say yes ~ thursday things
03/17/2016  |  2 Comments

This week at our family meeting, when it came time to go around and make our individual goals for the week, I pledged to “Say no to two things I... more

banana bread with dates and walnuts
03/15/2016  |  4 Comments

Healthy Banana Bread with Dates and Walnuts made with whole-grain flour and no refined sugar. Back in 2014, after almost five years of blogging, I posted my first pie on the... more

carrot ginger salad dressing
03/11/2016  |  33 Comments

If you’ve ever gotten salad at a Japanese restaurant, especially hibachi restaurants then you’ll know what I mean when I talk about the orange-colored ginger dressing that comes on the little pile... more

mexican cauliflower patties {low-carb, gluten-free and vegetarian}
03/08/2016  |  14 Comments

These low-carb Mexican cauliflower patties are everything! They are the bee’s knees! They are gluten-free and vegetarian and will disappear in a flash they taste so good! Wanna know a little behind... more

maple sweet potato coffee cake and maple cookbook tour part two
03/04/2016  |  6 Comments

Naturally sweet Maple and Sweet potato make this coffee cake moist and delicious. It is topped with an irresistible crumbly and sweet pecan streusel topping. March means sugaring season! Not only... more

cheesy mexican quinoa stuffed acorn squash
03/01/2016  |  16 Comments

These Cheesy Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash take 30 minutes to make, they are gluten-free and vegetarian. A couple weeks ago, I had my annual check up, and my doc told... more

hoisin pork and pepper stir-fry
02/26/2016  |  12 Comments

This healthy and colorful Hoisin Pork and Pepper Stir-fry comes together in a flash! Just whisk up your sauce and chop your veggies before you start cooking and you'll have... more

blood orange creamsicle overnight oats
02/22/2016  |  15 Comments

Today was my first time making overnight oats and, you guys, I am in love with them! These Blood Orange Creamsicle Overnight Oats with Goji berries and chia seeds is so... more

brown rice kale risotto with cheddar
02/19/2016  |  22 Comments

I’m going to talk about this yummy vegetarian Brown Rice Kale Risotto with Cheddar in a second, but first I wanted to tell you about the latest adventures I've been having... more

one pan chicken with squash and mushrooms
02/16/2016  |  11 Comments

It takes just one-pan and 15 minutes of active time to make this Chicken with Squash and Mushrooms. It is a great recipe for busy weeknight dinners. It is naturally... more

easy salmon with avocado and basil
02/12/2016  |  21 Comments

This easy salmon with avocado and basil is naturally gluten-free, low-carb and paleo. Almost fifteen years ago, when I was a personal chef, I used to make salmon this way at... more

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