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maple peach barbecue sauce
08/04/2015  |  3 Comments

This maple peach barbecue sauce is sweet, tangy and spicy. It is paleo friendly, vegan and gluten-free and is super simple to make. We're still staying at our place on Lake... more

what to do with yellow tomatoes and yellow and red tomato pico de gallo recipe
07/31/2015  |  21 Comments

Today I am going to talk a bit about what to do with yellow tomatoes and share an easy and incredibly tasty recipe for yellow and red tomato pico de... more

simple tabbouleh
07/28/2015  |  16 Comments

It occurs to me that this should not be a bowl of simple Tabbouleh but a cake instead. Seeing that tomorrow is my birthday and all. And this is a... more

garlic rosemary steaks with kale walnut pesto
07/24/2015  |  63 Comments

I’m going to have to just blurt this out you guys. I am just too excited for an eloquent intro. {Not that anyone has ever accused me of being eloquent…}... more

gluten free maple peach blueberry crisp
07/22/2015  |  16 Comments

This gluten-free Peach Blueberry Crisp is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and sweetened with maple sugar! Leave the skins on the peaches for more fiber. This week is just flying by!... more

healthy zucchini casserole
07/16/2015  |  40 Comments

Have fun improvising with this healthy zucchini casserole recipe. It’s an easy gluten-free and low-carb recipe to bring to a potluck and it only takes about 15 minutes to get... more

easy mexican sauteed peppers
07/14/2015  |  7 Comments

These easy Mexican sautéed peppers only take ten minutes to make. They are naturally gluten-free, vegan and paleo. Confession, I had every intention of making a simple zucchini recipe for you... more

simple skillet green beans
07/10/2015  |  10 Comments

These simple skillet green beans are a perfect healthy side dish for lazy days of summer. Simple one-pot green bean recipe with garlic, olive oil and a little spice. Vegan,... more

peach cobbler smoothie
07/07/2015  |  24 Comments

Here is a twist on Peach Cobbler in the form of a protein packed peach smoothie, with sugar-free protein powder, oats and cinnamon. Only 185 calories per serving, 21 grams... more

tv appearance and healthy 4th of july recipes | thursday things
07/02/2015  |  10 Comments

Here are two healthy 4th of July side dishes plus some great recipes for the grill for this weekend's barbecues and cookouts!I had a TV appearance yesterday! Vermonters, did you catch me? Thank... more

paleo ginger cilantro sweet potato salad
06/30/2015  |  4 Comments

This Paleo Ginger Cilantro Sweet Potato Salad may just rock your backyard barbecue's world. It's also vegan friendly and naturally gluten-free. By now you have heard me say that my sister, Jessie... more

garlic lemon chicken marinade
06/25/2015  |  14 Comments

It is so worth the 10 minutes of prep it takes to whip this Garlic Lemon Chicken Marinade together! It is so easy and it simply transforms boneless skinless chicken... more

kale caesar romano with almonds {gluten free}
06/23/2015  |  6 Comments

This Kale Caesar Romano is so simple and healthy. If you are looking for an egg-free and gluten-free caesar salad, this is a delicious one to try! This conversation is sponsored... more

healthy chocolate hazelnut raspberry tart
06/22/2015  |  29 Comments

Here is a healthy raspberry tart recipe with dark chocolate and easy hazelnut crust! This whole-grain hazelnut crust is so easy to make. Just mix it up in the food processor... more