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chocolate chili spiced pecans
10/22/2014  |  26 Comments

I’m going to credit facebook for the inception of these Chocolate Chili Spiced Pecans. It all started when I shared a link to this gorgeous Detox Salad with kale and walnuts by... more

curry roasted acorn squash
10/21/2014  |  3 Comments

We went to the farm down the hill from us yesterday and picked out all of our pumpkins for Halloween. We got more than a hundred pounds of pumpkins. [Sounds... more

cranberry vinaigrette
10/17/2014  |  32 Comments

Hi all, I have just a quick one today. It’s healthy easy cranberry vinaigrette for dressing up fall and winter salads. You'll want to keep this recipe handy, since it... more

paleo chocolate pumpkin donuts
10/16/2014  |  9 Comments

You guys, I am so excited to introduce you to my guest blogger today. Maybe you already know her? Amy Stafford of A Healthy Life For Me. One look at... more

gluten-free sweet potato praline bundtlettes
10/14/2014  |  119 Comments

A fall baking giveaway and a recipe for gluten-free sweet potato praline bundtlettes. I want to marry these bundtlettes.   In all my years of writing this here blog I have never expressed... more

roasted butternut squash with smoked paprika and turmeric
10/10/2014  |  12 Comments

I wrote this recipe in about 90 seconds. Okay maybe it took two minutes. It only took me 10 minutes to get it in the oven. And the photos just... more

50 healthy quinoa recipes
10/09/2014  |  20 Comments

I have been so excited to share this round-up with you all, that I decided to post it a day early! I have been pulling together quinoa recipes for weeks,... more

skinny chocolate recovery shake
10/07/2014  |  6 Comments

A skinny chocolate protein smoothie recipe for muscle recovery after a butt-kicking workout. Only 125 per shake and lactose-free. Sometimes after a rockin' hard workout, I don’t want to eat for an hour... more

vegan pumpkin maple walnut scones
10/03/2014  |  43 Comments

Vegan pumpkin scone recipe with walnuts and maple syrup (only 100 calories each) and a cookbook giveaway. “If your friend asked you to jump off a bridge would you do it?”... more

thursday things ~ big harvest potluck recap
10/02/2014  |  12 Comments

'Member how I told you I was afraid of flying? Well I still am. So I didn’t go to the biggest food blogging conference in Miami back in the spring. I... more

gluten free breakfast bread
09/30/2014  |  25 Comments

Fill in the blanks: No ___________ is complete without _______________. I doubt you’re stumped with ideas for what to put into that sentence, and given that I have just shown... more

skillet pepper steaks {paleo and low-carb}
09/26/2014  |  6 Comments

It may have to do with the change in weather, or the fact that I have been working out so darned much but I have been craving steak lately. Like... more

on being in the weeds ~ thursday things
09/25/2014  |  8 Comments

If you have ever worked in a restaurant you probably have heard of being in the weeds. I don’t know if this expression extends very far beyond the restaurant world, so... more

roasted grape crostini with goat cheese and walnuts
09/22/2014  |  26 Comments

Slow roasted grape crostini with goat cheese and walnuts with a drizzle of honey. A yummy vegetarian appetizer or they’re also great to serve for a cheese course. Hey guys! I... more