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can i substitute kosher salt for table salt

All salt is not created equal. If you have ever wondered, can I substitute coarse kosher salt for iodized table salt in a recipe? Then…Read More

pomegranate lemon drop martini

This Pomegranate Lemon Drop Martini is a festive cocktail for the holiday season. It only takes 5 minutes to whip up. If you like classic…Read More

walnut balsamic vinaigrette

This homemade balsamic vinaigrette with walnut oil is a simple classic salad dressing that goes so well with many fall and cool season salad combinations….Read More

sharing my food photography tips at blog brulee 2015

DISCLOSURE: My attendance, travel, accommodations and speaking at Blog Brûlée was sponsored. I was not paid to write the following post. All opinions expressed here are my…Read More

maple peach barbecue sauce

This maple peach barbecue sauce is sweet, tangy and spicy. It is paleo friendly, vegan and gluten-free and is super simple to make. We’re still…Read More

how to backlight in food photography

Hi food bloggers and photography fans! Are you ready for another post about photography? This one is all about how to backlight in food photography….Read More

thursday things ~ time management and defining riverbanks

It’s been a while since I have felt moved to write a Thursday Things post about something other than cooking. But I feel like it…Read More

simple homemade croutons

Today’s #SaladMonth recipe is for a simple, healthy crouton recipe made from rustic bread, olive oil and a little seasoning. If you don’t already make…Read More

camp gathering vt recap

[box type=”1″ class=”rounded-5 shadow” width=”480″] Welcome! If you’re new here you may want to sign up for my email list or follow me on facebook…Read More

my cookbook, maple, is available for pre-order

You guys, I can barely see the keyboard to write these words, as tears are unexpectedly bursting from my eyes. My cookbook, Maple, 100 Sweet…Read More

maple mint vodka spritzer

I had no intention of putting vodka in this spritzer recipe. I have been thinking about these maple mint spritzers for weeks. In fact, I…Read More

household items to improve your food photography~thursday things

Hiya food blogger peeps. Household items to improve your food photography is my fun little Thursday Things post for you guys today! It is another edition…Read More

healthy thanksgiving planner ~ thursday things

When should I order my Thanksgiving turkey? What side-dishes can be made ahead? Can my pies be made the day before? Here are the answers…Read More

mulled wine

Guest post and a low-sugar recipe for mulled wine: a festive cocktail to sip for fall, Thanksgiving, the winter holidays. Guest post time! Today I…Read More

salted bourbon caramel sauce

Today is Halloween, the most sugar laden day of the year, and in honor of that I have a post entirely devoted to sugar. Or…Read More

cranberry vinaigrette

Hi all, I have just a quick one today. It’s healthy, easy cranberry vinaigrette for dressing up fall and winter salads. You’ll want to keep…Read More

50 healthy quinoa recipes

I have been so excited to share this round-up with you all, that I decided to post it a day early! I have been pulling…Read More

thursday things ~ big harvest potluck recap

‘Member how I told you I was afraid of flying? Well I still am. So I didn’t go to the biggest food blogging conference in…Read More

stove-top roasted garlic

Calling all garlic lovers!!  This Stove-top roasted garlic puree and roasted garlic oil is bound to hit the mark. A simple gluten-free, paleo and vegan…Read More

link love ~ thursday things

Link Love Breakfast Dietitian Debbie came up with this yummy as heck sounding peanut butter, banana and chocolate layered “Soft-Serve” thingamajig. I would describe it…Read More

multi-grain pizza dough

Easy recipe for homemade multigrain pizza dough. So much better than store-bought and you can make it in your stand mixer or knead it by…Read More

5 minute classic basil pesto

Today I am so happy to be sharing my Five Minute Classic Basil Pesto recipe. I have a list of recipes that call for pesto…Read More

what is the difference between vinegars

Have you wondered what is the difference between all the different vinegars? There are so may to choose from, which is healthiest? Which one tastes…Read More

salad nicoise dressing

If you love salad nicoise, then you will adore this caper salad nicoise dressing recipe. It has parsley, white wine vinegar and garlic. It only…Read More

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