I have a new salad dressing to share with you today. It is a sweet and tart Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette made from frozen red raspberries, red wine vinegar and shallot. The dressing is emulsified with Dijon mustard and almond oil. It’s just the thing to break you out of your rut for the spring!

Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette | Healthy Seasonal Recipes #saladdressing #raspberry #kidfriendly #vinaigrette

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by the National Processed Raspberry Council. I was compensated for my time. All opinions expressed here are my own.

This may come off as kinda deep for a Monday morning… I mean, who doesn’t have the Mondays right now? I do!! But I wanted to share this with you anyway today because I think of it often, and it may help you go about your day today. Or even your week… month and beyond.

A few years ago my friend passed along some wisdom about the habits of our brains. Basically, what she said was that even down to the firing of synapses, our brains can get stuck in a pattern of thought. But we are not stuck there, we just have to know that it’s possible to break the cycle, and tap into a new pattern.

When she told me that, it resonated. I still think of it regularly. Maybe it could help you too! For me, it can really help me feel a lot more optimistic yet driven at the same time.

Like Boom, Monday- I got this!

Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette | Healthy Seasonal Recipes #saladdressing #raspberry #kidfriendly #vinaigrette

Right now we’re not only dealing with the Mondays, but it is high “Stick Season” here in Vermont (that time of year when the snow has melted, but nothing has yet started to green up.)

It’s that time of year that I can get swept away dreaming of tropical vacations, and buy flip flops on Zappos just because I need to get away!

In other words, April can be a time lacking in optimism. A time when you’re just worn down and stuck in a rut.

Keeping my friend’s words in mind can even help in situations like that. Like SNAP out of it!

It even helps with food: after a long winter of root vegetables, something as simple as a new salad dressing can help you snap out of it!

Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette | Healthy Seasonal Recipes #saladdressing #raspberry #kidfriendly #vinaigrette

Lately, we’ve been getting the most beautiful tender greens from our CSA, and I have been drizzling on this Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette. One taste of this and I’m all: “What stick season? I don’t see no stinkin’ stick season!”

Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette | Healthy Seasonal Recipes #saladdressing #raspberry #kidfriendly #vinaigrette

How to Make Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette

  • Start with 1 cup frozen raspberries, then thaw them. Once they thaw they become super juicy and sag under their own weight, so they’ll be more like ¾ cup once thawed. The fact that they are so so juicy to begin makes them perfect for pureeing!
  • Next I used 1 tablespoon chopped shallot. Too much shallot is overwhelming to the fruit of the raspberries, and the natural almond notes in the oil. You can see more about why I add allium to salad dressing here.
  • I like the way red wine vinegar adds lots of brightness and clean tasting acidity without too much extra flavor.
  • Sweeten with honey if you are fan of honey. I love the flavor of honey and raspberry together. And bees pollinate raspberries, so it’s almost poetic! In this video below from National Processed Raspberry Council you can see the bees working their magic starting with the footage at 4:28. If you are vegan, agave or maple syrup are great subs.
  • I used almond oil in this dressing (another bee pollinated crop) and a classic partner to raspberries (think Linzer Cookies.) It has a mild almond flavor that really works well with spring vegetables and tender greens. If you prefer you could also use avocado oil or organic canola oil.
  • Chopped tarragon is a great addition to dressing and would be lovely in this. Or chives. Try it!
  • Here are some ways you can use this Raspberry Almond Vinaigrette: Drizzle over field greens with chicken, raspberries, chevre and toasted almonds. Pour over chilled cooked wild and brown rice, and toss with toasted almonds, parsley and avocado.

Thank you so much for reading. Please head over to get the recipe on Red Razz

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