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pickled beets
08/01/2014  |  4 Comments

Though we eat pickled beets all summer long every summer and I have been doing so since I was a wee tot, I have resisted the urge to have them... more

hope, fitness and redefining what is possible ~ thursday things
07/31/2014  |  9 Comments

I can tell you the exact date I started weight lifting. It was July 29, 1997. I’m not a number savant, it was my birthday, so that’s how I know.... more

5 minute classic basil pesto
07/29/2014  |  17 Comments

Today I am so happy to be sharing my Five Minute Classic Basil Pesto recipe. I have a pesto recipe link-up for you too, and I have a little secret... more

grilled salmon puttanesca
07/25/2014  |  17 Comments

There is some sass below. You’ve been warned. I know I built up this Salmon recipe yesterday by saying it would be a burst-your-pantyhose-off-excited-about-good recipe. And you’re probably thinking, really? That... more

how to skin a piece of salmon ~ thursday things
07/24/2014  |  3 Comments

Here is a 39 second video I made to show you how to skin a piece of salmon. All you need is a piece of boneless salmon fillet, a cutting... more

wine brined grilled chicken
07/22/2014  |  38 Comments

Have you ever brined chicken? If not, I'm just going to say it, you are missing out! Brining may sound intimidating, or messy, or best left to the professionals, but... more

30 healthy cucumber recipes
07/18/2014  |  16 Comments

Cucumbers are one of those summer vegetables that I anticipate with great happiness every year. I just love them so much. And then once the first tender baby cukes arrive,... more

thursday things ~ healthy pantry ~ vinegar
07/17/2014  |  13 Comments

Today's Thursday Things post is all about choosing vinegar for your healthy pantry. Here are seven vinegars that I always have in my cabinet, and the differences between them and... more

creamy blue cheese and walnut coleslaw
07/15/2014  |  10 Comments

Creamy coleslaw recipe with blue cheese and walnuts added in. It has a little dill and peppery radishes. It is a delicious low carb and gluten free side dish to... more

grilled summer squash boats
07/11/2014  |  14 Comments

I have a super yummy gluten-free vegetarian grilling recipe for you today that will help you use up some of those yellow summer squash that are bursting out of the... more

small successes are still success ~ thursday things
07/10/2014  |  3 Comments

Wanna know how much of a caloric deficit you need to loose one pound of body fat? 3,500 calories! That is a lot of calories. All of us, I’m pretty... more

gluten free peanut butter cookie buttons
07/08/2014  |  8 Comments

Gluten-free peanut butter cookie buttons with a drizzle of dark chocolate. They are lower in sugar and carbs, and wheat-free. I have another sweet treat to share with you guys... more

blueberry almond tart
07/05/2014  |  14 Comments

Back in April I made this blueberry almond tart for a cooking demo I did for the New England Dairy Promotion Board. I worked with registered dietitian Jill Goodroe on... more

caper vinaigrette
07/01/2014  |  8 Comments

Healthy home-made caper vinaigrette recipe with parsley and garlic. A bright and flavorful way to jazz up summer vegetables. Only 10 minutes to make it and it is paleo, gluten-free... more