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lemony fennel relish
08/26/2014  |  15 Comments

Serve this lemony relish relish with garlic and capers as a side dish, salad or condiment. It goes with pork, salmon and lamb. Paleo and gluten-free. You guys, have I told... more

honey nut snack bars
08/22/2014  |  34 Comments

Just in time for Back To School the Recipe Redux monthy challenge is all about snazzifying lunchboxes with healthy bars and bites: I was so excited to attack the challenge of... more

attitude adjustments ~ thursday things
08/21/2014  |  6 Comments

When I was eighteen I did a two week backpacking Outward Bound in the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Besides the two un-medicated child births I have been though,... more

gluten free plum clafoutis
08/19/2014  |  16 Comments

My experience with clafoutis is pretty limited. As far as I can remember, I only had it one time. And that was fifteen years ago when I was in culinary... more

5-ingredient grilled pesto pizza
08/15/2014  |  8 Comments

Yesterday I promised to bring you a vegetarian, family-friendly recipe for the grill, and here it is! It is a five-ingredient grilled pesto pizza.          I made it using my home-made... more

link love ~ thursday things
08/14/2014  |  7 Comments

Link Love Breakfast Dietitian Debbie came up with this yummy as heck sounding peanut butter, banana and chocolate layered “Soft-Serve” thingamajig. I would describe it to you but she does a better... more

multi-grain pizza dough
08/12/2014  |  18 Comments

Easy recipe for home-made multi-grain pizza dough. So much better than store-bought and you can make it in your stand mixer or knead it by hand. I asked on the Healthy... more

melon mint salad
08/08/2014  |  14 Comments

I have a simple 4 ingredient Melon and Mint salad recipe today. It takes just 10 minutes and it is totally gluten free and dairy free. I bought a watermelon and... more

best catering in burlington vermont ~ thursday things
08/07/2014  |  4 Comments

Thursday Things ~ Here is who I think are the best of the best in catering in the Burlington Vermont area. If you ask me, this is who I would... more

tomatoes with thai basil dressing
08/05/2014  |  23 Comments

Yup. It is just a simple platter of sliced tomatoes with a #stupideasy 4 ingredient Thai Basil dressing. It has taken me a while to catch on, but I have noticed... more

pickled beets
08/01/2014  |  20 Comments

Though we eat pickled beets all summer long every summer and I have been doing so since I was a wee tot, I have resisted the urge to have them... more

hope, fitness and redefining what is possible ~ thursday things
07/31/2014  |  20 Comments

I can tell you the exact date I started weight lifting. It was July 29, 1997. I’m not a number savant, it was my birthday, so that’s how I know.... more

5 minute classic basil pesto
07/29/2014  |  18 Comments

Today I am so happy to be sharing my Five Minute Classic Basil Pesto recipe. I have a pesto recipe link-up for you too, and I have a little secret... more

grilled salmon puttanesca
07/25/2014  |  21 Comments

There is some sass below. You’ve been warned. I know I built up this Salmon recipe yesterday by saying it would be a burst-your-pantyhose-off-excited-about-good recipe. And you’re probably thinking, really? That... more