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If you are looking for recipes made with maple syrup, you are in the right place! I have hundreds of easy healthy recipes to share with you. Some are sweet and some are savory and some are both!

Take a look through these archives or grab a copy of my cookbook, Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup.

I have tips to share on how to substitute maple syrup or granulated maple sugar for refined sweeteners.  Learn how maple syrup is made and what it was like to write a cookbook. Plus some of the best maple syrup-spiked chili, carrot cake and apple crisp you have ever had.

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Signed copies of Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup, by Katie Webster {Quirk Books, 2015} You can also read more about my cookbook here, and learn how to become a retailer.

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We Make Our Own Maple Syrup

My family makes craft-made small-batch pure Vermont maple syrup every spring. Over time we have gone from collecting from only 5 trees in a season to today collecting from 100.
We use carbon-neutral wood to fire our evaporator and we do not use reverse osmosis technology. We are committed to preserving the natural ecosystems in our environment, and believe that stewardship of the sugar bush is the most important part of sugar making.
You can purchase our syrup online and read more about our maple sugaring operation on Little Hill Maple. 

making maple syrup, collecting sap in a bucket in Vermont

greek yogurt maple banana bread pudding

Oh yes I did! You read that right: Greek Yogurt Maple Banana Bread Pudding. And it has walnuts on it too. It’s bananas! Literally. Did you know that bread pudding is my favorite dessert on the entire planet? True. And it HAS to be served warm. No question. In fact, I...

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dark chocolate walnut vegan energy balls

These Dark Chocolate Walnut Vegan Energy Balls are a super simple and healthy snack and will satisfy your chocolate cravings in only 15 minutes! This post is sponsored by Nature’s Path. I was compensated for my time. All opinions expressed here are my own. The last...

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maple spiced rum punch

This festive holiday drink is about to rock your party punch bowl my friends! It’s a Maple Spiced Rum Punch and it’s sweetened naturally with pure maple syrup and 100% juice. It has a classic foamy head and a bit of sparkle from seltzer water instead of ginger ale or...

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vegan maple granola

This Maple Granola with walnuts and cranberries has been with me for a long time. It is vegan and refined sugar-free. I make it every year for gifts for the holidays. I originally posted this back in 2010, and it also appeared in my Maple cookbook. I wanted to share...

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brussels sprouts slaw with bacon and blue cheese

Here is a simple slaw recipe made from thinly sliced raw Brussels sprouts. It has bacon, blue cheese and dried cranberries in it. It makes an unexpected no-cook Thanksgiving or holiday side. Last weekend when we were in Portland, Maine, we stopped at the Saturday...

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pizza with roasted grapes and rosemary

This Pizza with Roasted Grapes and Rosemary is a yummy WEEKNIGHT meal with only 20 minutes of prep work. A store bought pizza crust is topped with grapes that have been roasted with shallots, rosemary and maple syrup and shredded Gouda making this a perfect...

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healthy slow cooker beef burgundy

Here is a slow cooker variation of the classic French recipe for Beef Burgundy. It is slowly braised beef, mushrooms and carrots in rich red wine sauce. I added a little bit of bacon and maple syrup to this recipe to make it even better! It is the perfect recipe to...

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maple apple almond cake

There is a whole world out there of autumnal baking goodness beyond pumpkin. Like this Maple Apple Almond Cake. It's so moist and delicious. And the cinnamon glaze takes it over the top. It's basically Fall in a dessert! I’m going to let you in on a secret. There is...

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15 minute thai pumpkin soup

Useful. What a boring word to describe a recipe. I can’t help it though. This Thai Pumpkin Soup recipe is useful. It’s one of those recipes that you need to have so that you can get dinner on the table in 15 minutes. Because life. I mean, I could have really gone to...

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smoky and sweet turkey chili

This week marks the ONE YEAR mark since my cookbook, Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup (Quirk Books) was published. In honor of the occasion, I wanted to share one of my top recipes from the book, Smoky and Sweet Turkey Chili, plus I have...

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maple-sweetened healthy apple crisp

This Healthy Apple Crisp is the perfect dessert to bake this fall. It's made with two varieties of apples to amp up the juicy flavor and then topped with pecans and rolled oats to really take it to the next level! It is sweetened naturally with maple syrup, which...

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one pan roasted squash, sausage and apple bake

Whew, what a busy start to fall we’ve had around here. I know we’re officially less than a week into fall, but we have been going and going since September 1. Like it or not, summer is over and it’s time to get back into the swing of things! That means fast...

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healthy chocolate chip pumpkin bread

This healthy chocolate chip pumpkin bread is earth-shatteringly good. It’s made with whole-wheat flour, a whole can of pumpkin, maple syrup and mini chocolate chips. It’s the latest addition to the Best of Healthy Seasonal Recipes! It’s so good, I am sharing the...

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how to make home made switchel in one minute

Make this home-made switchel recipe with cider vinegar and pure maple syrup. It's so easy to make (it only takes one minute.) I have been slugging quarts of it after a workout or gardening. I am so out of touch with my sense of thirst. I’ve read somewhere that this is...

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sesame roasted asparagus salad

This sesame roasted asparagus salad is a cinch to whip together. Roasting asparagus is super easy, and it makes a perfect base for flavorful sesame salad dressing. You can either serve it warm or let it come to room temperature. Local fresh asparagus is finally here!...

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maple teriyaki marinade

Making home-made teriyaki marinade is so simple and so delicious especially when it has maple syrup in it! You'll never have to buy bottled again. Bonus: this recipe is made with wheat-free tamari so it is gluten-free. Teriyaki marinade will never get old. We just...

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black pepper maple candied bacon

The best maple candied bacon with black pepper. Just three ingredients and 5 minutes of prep to make. Using the oven, pure maple syrup and a sheet of parchment are key to getting great, fool-proof results. Yesterday I drove all the way up to the far northeastern...

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carrot ginger salad dressing

If you’ve ever gotten salad at a Japanese restaurant, especially hibachi restaurants then you’ll know what I mean when I talk about the orange-colored ginger dressing that comes on the little pile of (often crappy) lettuce. A lot of people call it Benihana dressing,...

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maple sweet potato coffee cake

Naturally sweetened with maple syrup, this sweet potato coffee cake is the ultimate fall and winter treat. Enjoy for breakfast or as a healthier dessert. March means sugaring season! Not only does that mean that I will be helping out in our own backyard sugaring...

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maple allspice roasted plantains {vegan and paleo}

These plantains are roasted in a skillet with coconut oil, maple syrup and a touch of allspice for a paleo and gluten-free tropical dessert for two. Maybe if I had any inkling that this recipe was going to work out I would have shot a photo of the ripe plantains...

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slow cooker maple chipotle pulled chicken

This sweet and spicy Slow Cooker Maple Chipotle Pulled Chicken is my new favorite weeknight meal. And it will soon be yours too. It is so easy to make and the whole family will fall in love with it. You know how there are all those cray cray national holidays, like...

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