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saying no when i want to say yes ~ thursday things

This week at our family meeting, when it came time to go around and make our individual goals for the week, I pledged to “Say…Read More

100 winter CSA produce recipes ~ thursday things

I thought you may find this list of more than 100 healthy recipes featuring winter produce helpful. Those of you who are winter CSA members surely…Read More

the year formerly known as 2015 in review ~thursday things

I have decided to re-name the year 2015. From now on the year formerly known as 2015 will be called: The year I became obsessed…Read More

can i substitute kosher salt for table salt

All salt is not created equal. If you have ever wondered, can I substitute coarse kosher salt for iodized table salt in a recipe? Then…Read More

thursday things ~ time management and defining riverbanks

It’s been a while since I have felt moved to write a Thursday Things post about something other than cooking. But I feel like it…Read More

18 healthy winter smoothie recipes

I put together a winter smoothie recipe round-up for you all today.  I also threw in a few detox juices while I was at it….Read More

hope, fitness and redefining what is possible ~ thursday things

I can tell you the exact date I started weight lifting. It was July 29, 1997. I’m not a number savant, it was my birthday,…Read More

thursday things ~ 30 second things to make healthy cooking easier

There is this great gal who takes my Pump class and she is interested in loosing weight. She rarely misses a class, but is still…Read More

thursday things ~ ginger simple syrup

Like the name implies, simple syrup really is as simple as it gets. Like as simple as three ingredients, and almost no dishes. Actually plain…Read More

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