The best of 2013 and the year in reviewI have been working with a business coach for the last month. I am interested in writing a cookbook, and I had been struggling with how to get to the jumping off point. After our final session last week, I feel like a high-school senior at her commencement. It is a graduation and a beginning. I am there, and I have no idea what is in store for me, but I am ready to begin.

The first step will be writing the proposal. I am scared and excited all at the same time. Just saying this out loud, so to speak, makes me even more so.

One of the things that my coach has encouraged me to do through the process, is to forget the final result for now, because nobody can see the future. But instead to be in the moment and enjoy the process.

This time of year is perfect for that, we are looking forward to the new year, and setting goals, making resolutions and we are also looking back and reflecting on where we have come.

So for today’s post I want to celebrate the year I have had personally and here on Healthy Seasonal Recipes.





Feverishly worked behind the scenes on re-launching and re-designing my website with the help of a trusted friend, and baby sleep genius, Alexis.

Coconut Recipe Feature, Taste of the Tropics, published in EatingWell.

Got certified to coach Les Mills, GRIT.


Sweet potato blondiesRe-launched Healthy Seasonal Recipes on Word Press and wrote the above (epic) recipe for Sweet Potato Blondies.

Went to Jay Peak for a staycation.

Katie Webster Vermont food stylist @healthyseasonal

Played worked in the photo studio with Erica for EatingWell.

March:roasted garlic hummus

Best writing of the year. I am a cook and an artist, not a writer, so occasionally when I write a good post, it surprises me. This one about the Beirut Restaurant, my kooky dad, and fond childhood memories of hummus is noteworthy.


We spent a lot of time crunching around in the snow, tapping trees, building fires and boiling sap into maple syrup.


Broke ground on a renovation project for our house. Jase promised me we’d be moved back in by the first week in July.

whole-wheat chive biscuits

Went to King Arthur Flour’s Blog and Bake

and got to meet the amazing bloggers behind these websites:

Did food-styling for Brueggers Bagels for photographer Jim Westphalen. He took the above photo of me cutting perfect bruniose peppers.




Found out I was going to be on the Cabot Fit Team. Holy Moly! I better start running!

Spring Salad with Yogurt Dill Dressing

Packed up my daughters, and good-sport of a husband and went to my 20th high school reunion. Jase got pink eye. I was reminded how much I love my high school friends and the school to which we went. And for that matter, my good sport of a husband and daughters.


Our Dog Chuck

Chuck, the coolest dog ever, our family pet died and I wrote the biggest tear jerker of a post.

Spring Chicken recipe feature published in Fitness Magazine. Can I just tell you how much I love my job?!



Had my flag cake recipe published in EatingWell.

green beans from the garden

After six years of belonging to a summer CSA, tried my hand at vegetable gardening instead, and decided that I am not a very good vegetable gardener. Am torn between the cuteness of the bunny that lives underneath my kid’s playhouse and disappointment every time he mows a row of spinach.

Formed a blogging tribe (aka vowed to drink red wine and talk at length about edge rank on a regular basis) with

Julianne of Yankee Kitchen Ninja,

Vermont Family Photographer | Kristy Dooley,

Carey of Reclaiming Provincial,

Jana of Merlot Mommy

Alexis of Troublesome Tots


Change Occurs Outside Your Comfort ZoneTraveled to Maine and met the Cabot Fit Team and I wrote this post about my fitness journey.

Loved meeting the team face to face. These are their blogs:

Across the Fence- Better BBQ

I went on Across the Fence which is a old-school and totally awesome Vermont TV show and cooked up a storm.

back to school snack round-up

Officially became addicted to Pic Monkey when I put together this round-up of 40 snack ideas.

Had my ten year wedding anniversary with Jase and had an amazing weekend away with no cell phones or computers with him and the girls. It was fan-freakin-tastic.

September: fig-honey-and-blue-cheese-mini-tarts-sq-035

Joined the Recipe ReDux and posted the above recipe, even though my mom thought it was weird.

Our renovation project was officially completed. Wait a minute, that wasn’t the first week in July was it?

Pumpkin Pie Brownies | Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Shared my recipe for Pumpkin Pie Brownies on the Healthy Aperture Blog

Cabot_Italian-Hot_DipDid cooking videos for Cabot Creamery Cooperatives Legacy collection and developed 17 new recipes using the cheeses. Including the above recipe for Italian Hot Dip.

Apple-Pie-Ice-Cream-068Developed this recipe for apple pie ice cream with salted honey caramel. I ate it for lunch.

I got all weepy when my little one got her first wiggly tooth.


farm-to-school-cookbook photography by @healthyseasonal

Felt really proud to be a part of the cookbook project New School Cuisine. The above are some of the photographs I took for the book.

The bunny mowed any last green thing left in my garden and my husband decided to hunt the wabbit.

The foliage here in Vermont was some of the prettiest I can remember.


Got certified to teach Les Mills, BodyPump.

Worked behind the scenes on three features for Parents magazine and More on that in 2014!

cranberry-sauce-with-apples-and-oranges | Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Wrote this awesome post about eating healthy.  Yeah I said it!



Squeezed in another feature for Fitness Magazine: this time all about healthy comfort food.

Katie Webster in cooking video |Healthy Seasonal RecipesDid cooking videos for the New England Dairy Council, and developed and photographed recipes for their Must Be the Milk campaign.

Vermont Food Stylist Katie Webster magazine cover shoot radishes

Did food-styling with Carey for the March 2014 cover of EatingWell.

My husband shot the wabbit. From our dining room window. During lunch. Have I mentioned he is a real Vermonter? And dressed it after watching a how-to video on youtube.

Traded in my camera for a full frame! Feeling really excited about and unworthy of it.


How about you? Leave a comment below.

Have you had a second or two to reflect on the past year?

What were some of the highlights of 2013 for you?

Did you make any new friends?

What are you looking forward to for 2014?

Do you ever feel scared and excited about your goals?


Happy Cooking!