Kale Salad, crazy awesome Mac and Cheese, Inspiring photography… it’s all about Link Love for today’s Thursday Things.

katie of healthy seasonal recipes making popcorn

November for Food blogs is kinda like what March Madness is for basketball. There is sooo much goodness out there right now.  It has been a while since I have done a Link Love post, so I wanted to share with you what has caught my eye in the past few weeks.

  • This Freekeh Salad with Sweet Potato and Pears by Jennifer Farley is so unusual and would be a lovely seasonal lunch.
  • I would eat the shit out of this Southwest Chopped Salad with Salsa Vinaigrette from my friend Caroline at Taste Love and Nourish.
  • Fear not the braiding of dough! This Pumpkin Challah Recipe by Carrie looks like it may need to make an appearance on the holiday table.
  • Have we discussed the magnitude of this pudding chomeur yet? Not only did I have to add a variation of one to my TOC for Maple but I immediately went out and bought myself a blue napkin. You will be seeing that guy again soon. #obsessedwithbluenapkins I found mine at the Vermont Farm Table store in Burlington.
  • Speaking of maple syrup, DUDE, check out these Maple Pumpkin Donuts with Maple Cream Filling from Joanne. hubbahubba!
  • KimChi Mac and Cheese on Beard and Bonnet. OMG! Is this for real? So awesome! {btw, it’s a gluten free recipe.}
  • I was recently reminded how much I loved this kale salad I developed for EatingWell with Bacon and Roasted Potaoes, Blue Cheese and Currants. I will be making that some time this month.
  • Here is the recipe I handed out to my BodyPumpers yesterday. Thought you may enjoy it too! Green Beans with Walnuts and Balsamic. Paleo, GF and Vegan. Totally perfect for every person at the Thanksgiving table!

green beans with walnuts and balsamic


What has caught your eye so far this season?

What do you have on the menu?