I may or may not be eating Cadbury Mini Eggs as I type this.


I am having a moment. I’ll be back to myself shortly. Chocolate helps. Ironically, I was planning to share a healthy new salad dressing today, but I am eating delicious candy coated chocolate eggs instead. Everything in moderation.

Err. Let’s talk about working out…. ?

Check out the coolness from our Thursday morning training session with Ryan. That’s me closest to the camera, then my ladies Claire and Jenny. Aren’t we totally badass moms?!

I’m not sure what that move is called, but I am calling them single arm slide push-up thingamijobbies.

{Side Note: Hey Ryan, When I say everything in moderation, I meant that I’d like to do those in moderation too.}

{Side Side note… Like my top? I got it at Mana Threads!}

Onto some everything in moderation inspired link love…


Core strength moves from my friend Lindsay with not a single crunch.

Chocolate Brownies with Salted Tahini Frosting from Jennifer. Oh yum!

Toasted Coconut Mini Trifles with Berries and Whipped Coconut Cream from Sylvie from Feasting at Home

Chinese Sticky Honey Spareribs from Jeanette, I never knew that’s how it was done.

And these beautiful Ultimate Goddess Bowls from delicious knowledge.

A reminder what really excellent writing is like from my friend Kimberly.


Spinach and Bacon Deviled Eggs recipe on Healthy Seasonal RecipesDeviled Eggs with Spinach and Bacon

Lamb and Millet Tagine with Cinnamon and Prunes on healthyseasonalrecipes.com #glutenfree

light rhubarb chai cream pie from healthyseasonalrecipes.com

Light Rhubarb Chai Cream Pie

Grilled Potato Salad with Ramps on healthyseasonalrecipes.com

Grilled Potato Salad with Ramps

gluten free outrageous macaroons

Chocolate Covered Apricot-studded Macaroons

35 healthy Asparagus recipes | Healthy Seasonal Recipes

What cool new moves have you been doing at the gym?

Have you been enjoying a little chocolate in moderation?

Happy Cooking!