‘Member how I told you I was afraid of flying? Well I still am.

Big Harvest Potluck- stone-outbuilding

So I didn’t go to the biggest food blogging conference in Miami back in the spring. I may or may not have made the decision to stay home safely on the ground due to the fact that I am a complete wimp when it comes to flying. Or maybe it was that I had a race and another weekdend away from my family already planned for that month. Or possibly it is that I am in need of an A-Team-style intervention (a la BA Baracus) to get me on a plane to go to the next big food blogging get together.


Then I heard about The Big Harvest Potluck from my friend Brandy of Nutmeg Nanny. Guess what? It is held in Bucks County PA, not too too far by car (6 ½ hours.) And also happens to be where I grew up. So I was able to stay with my Dad while I was there. Cool huh?

But really the best part wasn’t the not flying thing. The best part was that this event was tiny. Like only 60 bloggers or something. So we all got to meet each-other and hang out the whole time. And eat. And talk. And eat. And laugh. And hug. And there was a little crying. And writing. And meeting of really inspiring food world people. And things being checked off life lists. Now that I think about it there was a bit of flying. Did I mention there was eating?

Big Harvest Potluck 2014 - katie and caroline

And we did some learning too. It was pretty incredible I have to say. Below you’ll find my photos from the trip. All of them were taken with my phone. Do you see anyone you know? I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe and a cookbook giveaway!

Happy Cooking!


Big Harvest Potluck |Cheryl and Winnie

Cheryl and Winnie

Big Harvest Potluck- pumpkin ice cream

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Big Harvest Potluck 2014 -katie and lauren


Lauren and me

Big Harvest Potluck 2014 - joanne, brandy, caroline, katie and miryam

 Joanne, Brandy, Caroline, me and Miryam

Big Harvest Potluck 2014 riding inside a hot air balloon


Hot air balloon ride!

Big Harvest Potluck- inside the hot air balloon

Big Harvest Potluck 2014 -katie and lauren

 Lauren and me

Big Harvest Potluck- Plum Galette


Plum Gallette at the home of Pam.