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Terra's Kitchen Review on Healthy Seasonal Recipes

When I was a personal chef, every morning I’d drive to the store and source the freshest ingredients, and then arrive at the family’s house to start cooking up everything from scratch. Home-made chicken stock, roasted garlic puree, muffins, brownies, braised lamb shanks, bison croquettes. You name it! All I had was time, and it was an absolute joy to cook this way. Every evening, with the fridge stocked with food, I’d set plates of dinner on the table and feel nothing shy of a million bucks.

Fast forward 15 years, and add a husband, two kids, my blog and three BodyPump classes to my life, the idea of nothing but time makes me want to cry. Even though I love to cook dinner (and strangely I even love to grocery shop too) every so often, I think back to those days and long for a personal chef of my own!! You know, to do all my shopping and then miraculously set a beautiful from healthy scratch meal for me down on the kitchen counter for me.

Sad truth: developing recipes for a living doesn’t not always result in dinner.

Last week, I was having one of those days…  it involved many mundane annoyances including one of my kids punching the other at a playdate (true story) a day camp drop off and pick up that was only 3 hours apart (who has time to do anything in 3 hours!?!?!) And my mom locking herself out of her car. But by the end of the day, my hair was frazzled, and my skin was slicked with humidity, I had a pile of emails to deal with. The last thing I wanted to do was haul off to the supermarket to get something for dinner. I needed a personal chef to set the plates down on the table for me.

The Terra’s Kitchen Vessel is a totally re-usable eco-friendly way for the them to deliver the food fresh to your door.

But then I remembered that was the day Fed Ex would be dropping off a meal vessel from Terra’s Kitchen.  Let me explain: a while back Terra’s Kitchen approached me and asked if I would be willing to sample their meal delivery service free of charge and review it here on my blog. This is how the conversation went: Terra’s Kitchen: We’d love for you to try our meal kit services free of charge and then share the experience with your readers. Me: Wait, you want to send a healthy from-scratch dinner to my door step?? Okay!!

I went onto their website and picked out the meals. Oh, my, gosh! They all looked so good, I kind of panicked. I didn’t know which to try! I pretty much wanted them all. I ended up selecting three very different meals, so I would be able to review a wider variety for you guys.

Have you ever dreamed that dinner would just appear?   Sure enough our package arrived right on time. I opened it up and inside was this amazing cooler, known as the Terra’s Kitchen Vessel. It is a totally re-usable eco-friendly way for the TK folks to deliver the food fresh to your door.

A Review of Terra's Kitchen, a healthy meal kit delivery service on Healthy Seasonal Recipes by Katie WebsterThe first meal kit I made was the Grilled Skirt Steak with Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad. It is primal, and gluten-free and completely and utterly delicious! {The parsley, walnuts and Brussels salad was a revelation, so mark my words when Brussels come into season later this year, I’ll be experimenting with the idea here on the blog.} You guys, it is just like something I would make, real food!!! With the big exception that all I had to do was cook the steak, chop the veggies and stir the salad together.

Terra's Kitchen Review on Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Everything was already measured out and the recipe (complete with step by step photos) was ready to go. No looking for a recipe. No shopping. No washing veggies. No measuring cups. Just the fun part.
Next up we had the Vegetable Fried Rice.Terra’s Kitchen delivers meal kits for healthy from-scratch dinners to my door.The starring vegetable was Bok Choy- one that I really need to learn to love- and I actually really enjoyed it in the fried rice. The recipe card has all sorts of cute little extras on it, including beer and wine pairings and the suggestion to add a fried egg on top.
terras-kitchen-review-034The last meal in our kit was the Buffalo Chicken Tacos that I made for lunch on Saturday. The whole family chowed them down before I had a chance to snap a pic. Sorry! You can see them here and take a gander at the other meal kits they deliver. My husband said the tacos were his favorite. It was chicken (poached) and then tossed in sriracha butter sauce. It’s then topped with shredded lettuce mixed with fresh squeezed lime and blue cheese dressing plus shredded carrots. All this served in gluten-free corn tortillas that the recipe card says to char slightly over the flame of your burner. I tried it, and as the card says, the slightly charred flavor really shines through in a great way.


If you think you want to give Terra’s Kitchen a try, I have two make that three really great pieces of news for you: 1. there’s no commitment. You can try it once and that’s it, (ie you can cancel at any time.) 2. You customize your order to suit your preferences paleo, vegetarian… whatever. And the bestest 3. You can get a $30 discount by being a faithful Healthy Seasonal Recipes reader. Just use the code when you sign up: SEASONAL30 . Yay!!

How about you, have you ever dreamed that dinner would just appear?

Do you think being a personal chef would be a dream job ?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Terra’s Kitchen.  The opinions and text are all mine.

 A Review of Terra's Kitchen, a healthy meal kit delivery service on Healthy Seasonal Recipes by Katie Webster