I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I do have a few things I want to tell you about, so I thought it would be worth a quick post.

January News | Katie and Jason Webster | Healthy Seasonal Recipes image by JHarper PhotographyFirst of all, can I just say how blown away I am by the images I have seen from our winter family photo shoot with J. Harper Photography. Look at this one of me and Jase! This chick rocks, so if you are in the New England area, or even if you just want a occasional updates and awesome images in your news-feed,  give her a shout out on Facebook please!

ZipList Featured Partner

Possibly more exciting news is that I have become a ZipList featured Partner. If you don’t know what that means, I can explain. In a nutshell, it is good news for you because healthy meal planning just got a whole lot easier.

Classic Guacamole Recipe | 6 common mistakes | Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Now when you find a recipe you want to try here on Healthy Seasonal Recipes, you can save it with a simple click of the mouse. Let’s say you really liked the classic guacamole recipe I shared last week and you want to make it for the super-bowl. Hint hint:) You just click the blue “Save Recipe” button right on the recipe.

how to save a recipe to your recipe box on Ziplist

When you do that it will be stored in a fancy dancy recipe box. I’ve even added in a tab in the menu bar so you can access it easily.

Where to access your ZIPLIST recipe box

Once a recipe is in your box, you can add the ingredients to an easy electronic shopping list. To do this first you’ll need to set up a free ZipList account. Then you can save recipes from all over the web (including a ton of other food blogs and big recipe sites like marthastewart.com and epicurious.com) into your recipe box.You can access the recipes and shopping list through the RECIPE BOX link, on other partner sites or at Ziplist.com.

ziplist recipe box

And for scatter-brains like me who are always loosing your shopping list or leaving it at home, you can even access the list or recipe on your smartphone via mobile app!  Cool right? Let me know what you think or if you have any issues with it! I hope it helps you out.

 My Cooking Videos

More news is that my latest cooking videos are available now! I did these earlier this winter for Must Be The Milk. Watch me make Layered Slaw with Beets and Bacon

and my famous Trail Mix Brownies.

Cool Friends

Coming soon, I have some guest blogger friends who will be sharing their healthy recipes with you right here. I am so excited to introduce you to these great people, and to cook their healthy recipes myself. I have been super busy lately working on my proposal, as I mentioned here. So it’ll be a big help to me to have some help here on the blog. Please help me welcome them to your computer screens!

I am a Social Media Junk Head

I have been spending more and more time on instagram lately. Please be sure to follow me on instagram, and we can follow each-other. I just want to give a shout out to three other local Vermont instagrammers who are worth a follow:  Scouts Honor Co  Carey Not Carrie  and Honey Stay Super:  They all wow me continually with the way they frame the world.

Winter CSA and Recipe Planning

Finally, I am working on some rough recipe development plans for the next month or so. I have signed up for the late winter and spring share of our CSA so of course a lot of what I cook will be inspired by what arrives in our weekly share. But, I would love to hear from you about what you want to see more of. Are you in the mood for breakfast, snacks, sweets, breads? You tell me. What ingredients are you trying to cook with more? Leave a comment below or drop me a comment on my Facebook wall to let me know.

Until next time, Happy Cooking! ~Katie