Are you are making your list, and checking it twice? My guess is you’re here because you have someone in your life who likes to cook and you need some gift ideas for them. Well, good news! I have a whole guide today with lots of ideas, big and small.

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Kitchen Essential

Silicone Spatulas

I am a huge fan of using high heat-resistant silicone spatulas for cooking. I use them in place of wooden spoons because they are made with medical-grade silicone and aren’t pourus. They are also great for stirring and scraping the last bits out of a bowl or pot. I have more than a dozen in my kitchen and studio because I am always grabbing for one! SHOP HERE.

Measuring Set

Every kitchen should have a complete set of “dry” measuring cups, especially for bakers (and aspiring bakers.) I for one can never have enough measuring cups and spoons on hand! This cute red-clad set also comes with a matching measuring spoon set. SHOP HERE

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Once you try standing on an anti-fatigue mat, you’ll never go back! The soft mat helps to alleviate the fatigue of the legs, feet and body caused by long periods of standing. So for the foodie in your life who loves to cook, this is a great way to tell them you care. SHOP HERE

Instant Thermometer

I am constantly reaching for my instant-read thermometer. I use it to take the internal temperature of roasts, but it can be used for many other cooking needs. For example, did you know you can actually use it to tell when your bread is done? A high-quality digital thermometer makes all the difference. I love my Termapen because it is truly accurate and fast! SHOP HERE

Chef’s Knife and Knife Set

For someone just starting out a full knife set is such a thoughtful gift. This is the one I started with when I first graduated from college and moved off on my own. I still have it! If you are buying for an established cook, I think upgrading to an “extra-wide” chefs’ knife is a great idea. I love mine!

Extra Wide: SHOP HERE


For baking enthusiasts and folks with school-aged kids, having a carrying case for cakes and cupcakes is handy for bake sales and potlucks. This one comes with a cupcake insert that you can remove to hold a full cake. It also comes with a cake turner wich will help make it easier to ice and frost cakes. SHOP HERE

For Coffee and Tea Lovers

Electric Water Kettle

We love our Secura kettle because it is insulated, so it keeps the water hot after it boils. It is also very fast to bring the water up to temperature. It holds about enough for four cups of tea or for a French Press coffee maker. SHOP HERE

French Press Coffee Maker

If you have a foodie in your life who loves great coffee, then a high-quality French Press coffee maker is an affordable gift idea for them. We like our classic Bodum Chambord 1 liter French Press. It would be a great gift to pair with your favorite locally roasted coffee! SHOP HERE

I love the modern lines of this London Pottery tea pot. It has a removable filter screen for loose tea, or you can use regular tea bags. The four cup size is perfect for two people. SHOP HERE

Appliances and Gadgets


For that special someone! If you are ready to go big for this holiday, I cannot say enough good things about Vitamix blenders. For the longest time I resisted buying one, because they are pricy. But once I did, I realized they are night-and-day-better than a regular blender. This one is the one that I have. I like the low-profile container! SHOP HERE

Immersion Blender

If you have tried a lot of my soup or dressing recipes, then you know I am a big fan of using an immersion blender to quickly puree. These are relatively inexpensive but and so useful! I have a Kitchen Aid model like this in both my home kitchen and studio! SHOP HERE

Mini Prep Food Processor

This mini food processor is only slightly larger than a cup of coffee but are quite powerful! I use mine to make dressings and homemade aioli and other sauces. See it in use in this Fish Taco recipe. I used it to make the Avocado Crema. They are great for when you have too small of a volume for a full-sized food processor to chop properly. There’s also a drip valve in the top for slowly adding oil to make emulsions so it is great for homemade mayo! SHOP HERE

Stand Mixer

The workhorse of the kitchen! I use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer at least once a week, and sometimes daily! They are so much easier than a hand-held mixer and have functionality far beyond what a hand mixer does. I use mine to knead dough every week and make all sorts of baked goods. They also have optional attachments for pasta making, grinding and more! SHOP HERE

Food Processor

I do not know what it would be like to cook without a food processor. {Is that laying it on too strong?} If you’ve been following me here for a while, then you probably would guess not, since I call for using them in many of my recipes. Seriously though, I use mine ALL THE TIME! They are great for when you need to get dinner on the table fast and don’t have time to do a ton of chopping. I love using it for shredding a lot of cheese or veggies. This is the one I recommend. SHOP HERE

Air Fryer

I adore my Air Fryer Omni Plus 14-in-One Counter-top Oven. My husband and I call it our “Science Oven” because it does way more than air-fry. We also use it as our toaster oven, for reheating food, and it has many other features including broiling and even a rotisserie. So if you want to really wow your special foodie, this is definitely what I would recommend! SHOP HERE

Knife Sharpener

They say the best gifts are things that people want but aren’t won’t to buy for themselves. I’m recommending this because someone once bought this for me as a gift and I am so glad they did. I probably wouldn’t have sprung for it on my own but I am so glad to have it. I use mine about once a month to sharpen my knives and it works as well as any professional service! Having sharp knives makes a huge difference in terms of enjoyment and efficiency in the kitchen SHOP HERE