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If you are looking for recipes made with maple syrup, you are in the right place! I have hundreds of easy healthy recipes to share with you. Some are sweet and some are savory and some are both!

Take a look through these archives or grab a copy of my cookbook, Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup.

I have tips to share on how to substitute maple syrup or granulated maple sugar for refined sweeteners.  Learn how maple syrup is made and what it was like to write a cookbook. Plus some of the best maple syrup-spiked chili, carrot cake and apple crisp you have ever had.

my maple cookbook!

Signed copies of Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup, by Katie Webster {Quirk Books, 2015} You can also read more about my cookbook here, and learn how to become a retailer.

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We Make Our Own Maple Syrup

My family makes craft-made small-batch pure Vermont maple syrup every spring. Over time we have gone from collecting from only 5 trees in a season to today collecting from 100.
We use carbon-neutral wood to fire our evaporator and we do not use reverse osmosis technology. We are committed to preserving the natural ecosystems in our environment, and believe that stewardship of the sugar bush is the most important part of sugar making.
You can purchase our syrup online and read more about our maple sugaring operation on Little Hill Maple. 

making maple syrup, collecting sap in a bucket in Vermont

slow cooker maple chipotle pulled chicken

This sweet and spicy Slow Cooker Maple Chipotle Pulled Chicken is my new favorite weeknight meal. And it will soon be yours too. It is so easy to make and the whole family will fall in love with it. You know how there are all those cray cray national holidays, like...

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coconut lime noodle bowls {vegan and gluten-free}

This vegan, gluten-free weeknight meal is kid-friendly and super tasty! And the best part is that it is ready in only 25 minutes! After food blogging for 6 years now, I’ve decided to just ignore the fact that so few of you want to come visit me here at Healthy...

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roasted cranberry and goat cheese flatbreads

This roasted cranberry and goat cheese flatbread is a naan traditional pizza. It is an unexpected holiday party appetizer. This post has been sponsored by Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads. All opinions expressed here are my...

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almond cranberry bread

This almond cranberry bread is a healthy, refined sugar-free and whole grain recipe that makes a super holiday gift from the kitchen. It is also a kid-friendly snack for after school, or perfect to bring along if you are going to visit friends or family over the...

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pomegranate lemon drop martini

This Pomegranate Lemon Drop Martini is a festive cocktail for the holiday season. It only takes 5 minutes to whip up. If you like classic lemon drop cocktails, you’ll love this fun new ruby red pomegranate variation! It is the perfect way to sit back, relax and...

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double crust deep dish maple apple pie

This double crust deep dish maple apple pie is a classic fall dessert that is hard to beat. If you love homemade apple pie and you plan to make one for Thanksgiving, then you’ll want to try this one. In this recipe, I have included a step-by-step explanation of how to...

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walnut balsamic vinaigrette

This homemade balsamic vinaigrette with walnut oil is a simple classic salad dressing that goes so well with many fall and cool season salad combinations. I'm telling you, you'll be making it over and over for months to come. You know how there are some recipes that...

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sweet and spicy nuts

Roasting these sweet and spicy nuts on a chilly fall day will make your house smell so cozy! They are a great gift from the kitchen, a healthy snack or you can add them to a salad for crunch and spicy fall flavor. Maple has been out for less than three weeks, and I am...

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maple glazed carrots

Hi folks, I have a yummy kid-friendly, primal-friendly, and naturally gluten-free recipe to share with you today. Maple Glazed Carrots, with a smidge of butter, shallot and a touch of cinnamon. They are mapletastic. They are so great at this time of year when carrots...

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maple apricot hermit cookies

Today I am sharing these chewy, spicy Maple Apricot Hermit Cookies from my new cookbook, Maple. They are made with whole-grain flour, they are egg-free and can be made dairy free too! The recipe is on Baking A Moment and I shared a bit about how I came about the...

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seven minute maple frosting {paleo}

Paleo-friendly Maple Seven-minute frosting made from whipped egg whites and maple syrup cooked in a double boiler to stabilize it and cook the whites to a safe temperature. This makes enough to generously frost a double layer cake or 24 cupcakes. It is amazing on...

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maple pumpkin pie dip

This maple pumpkin pie dip is a delicious and super easy snack that kids love! It is made with cream cheese, canned pumpkin, maple syrup and a little spice. Serve it with apples or gingersnaps. As a recipe developer and food blogger, it never fails to totally bowl me...

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chicken coconut curry

This healthy chicken coconut curry is one of my all time favorite recipes. It is super flavorful, creamy and filled with veggies. It also freezes very well, so it is the perfect meal to make ahead. I think the number one reason I am not really into downhill skiing is...

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maple caramelized apple stuffed french toast

Maple Caramelized Apple Stuffed French Toast- a special breakfast recipe for weekends with family or the holidays. The French Toast is stuffed with apples and farmers cheese! The count-down is on! Less than one month to go 'till my cookbook hits the shelves. I think I...

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maple peach barbecue sauce

This maple peach barbecue sauce is sweet, tangy and spicy. It is paleo friendly, vegan and gluten-free and is super simple to make. We're still staying at our place on Lake Champlain, which we share with my sister and her husband. The food sharing has been a little...

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gluten free maple peach blueberry crisp

This gluten-free Peach Blueberry Crisp is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and sweetened with maple sugar! Leave the skins on the peaches for more fiber. This week is just flying by! Scratch that, this MONTH is flying by! This summer started out with good intentions of...

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easy maple greek yogurt dip

Three simple ingredients come together to make this easy maple Greek yogurt dip. Dip fresh summer berries into this 5-minute dip for a healthy snack. How to Make Maple Greek Yogurt Dip Earlier this week when I was brainstorming new ideas for summer recipes, I couldn't...

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my cookbook, maple, is available for pre-order

You guys, I can barely see the keyboard to write these words, as tears are unexpectedly bursting from my eyes. My cookbook, Maple, 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup is available for pre-order! I remember clearly the day, two and a half years ago,...

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nutty banana pops

These 4-ingredient Nutty Banana Pops are so creamy and easy to make. Just puree the ingredients which include with banana and peanut butter.They make a perfect kid friendly snack for warmer weather. And they have 93 calories and 3 grams of protein each. When my girls...

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lemon almond ricotta pancakes with rhubarb compote

These home-made ricotta pancakes with whole-wheat flour, almond meal and fresh lemon zest may become the centerpiece of a new Mother's Day tradition. Home-made rhubarb compote goes on top to make them unique and worthy of celebrating Mom on her special day. My...

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maple mint vodka spritzer

I had no intention of putting vodka in this spritzer recipe. I have been thinking about these maple mint spritzers for weeks. In fact, I have Maple Mint Spritzers written in orange marker on a piece of paper hanging right over my computer screen. And no it does not...

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