Thursday Things ~ a New Year means we’re getting back to basics. Today I want to talk a bit about focusing on the positive when it comes to healthy eating.

getting back to the basics of healthy eating, be positive about your diet

During the month of January at Body Resolution ( that’s the health club where I teach BodyPump and BodyAttack) we’re focusing on Back to Basics in all of our group fitness classes. That means we’ll make sure we are getting back to all of the very basics of fitness, from talking about levers in the weight lifting classes, to reviewing keeping a neutral stance to initiate a move. I’m really looking forward to it, and it really got me thinking about the next month ahead of us here on Healthy Seasonal Recipes.


Specifically I have been thinking about the very basic ideas of about getting dinner on the table, cooking from scratch, cooking one meal for the whole family, strategies for healthy eating all day and all sorts of nutrition basics. I hope you will enjoy this and chime in with thoughts and/other ideas for topics as we visit these basics over the next month, and we start our year off with a great foundation!


For the very first post of the year I wanted to talk about one of my favorite topics of intuitive eating and being positive about our diets.


If you’ve been around here for a while you’ve heard some of this no diet kind of stuff from me before. If not, make sure to catch this post from 2011 about eating everything in moderation and this one about how to find satisfaction and this one about a lifetime of healthy eating.


Today though, I want to talk about being positive about eating healthfully. Having a good attitude about eating healthfully is like so many things in life– it’s half the battle! Specifically what I want to say today, is about avoiding the lure of the New Years Resolution diet. Here’s my opinion on the matter put simply: Promising yourself a diet is like a drug. Just say no to it.


During this time of headlines that promise the New Year New You or drop 5 pounds in two days, a lot of us want to make a list of rules to live by to get ourselves out of the deep cookie filled hole. It gives us hope. Just making the promise almost causes the endorphins to start churning. But like a druggie getting a fix, there is always a down.

I know, I know, we probably all want to shed a few elbees. (BTW, I’m totally raising my hand right now too.) And it seems like having a black and white list of what we can and can’t eat would surely make it easier to drop weight.

Wouldn’t it be easy to go paleo for a month? Or do the no carb thing. Or swear off sugar for the next 21 days or whatever? Back to Basics on Healthy Seasonal Recipes | Be Positive

Probably. And you would probably loose weight by doing so.

But it wouldn’t solve anything in a sustaining way. Then comes the creep, and before you hit May, you’re promising yourself another bikini ready diet. Another diet drug fix.

Should we eat less gluten and sugar? Heck yes. I am all about that. And I get that some of you may already be on a restrictive diet for reasons other than weight loss and I totally get that too.

But on the weight loss and balanced healthy eating spectrum, there is a basic that I want to get back to. This is it: I want to avoid thinking about those foods I want to eat LESS of. Instead I want to focus positive energy on the healthy foods I want to eat MORE of. Know what I mean? Instead of thinking about restricting your diet, think more about trying to get in more greens or switching your grains to whole ones, cooking from scratch. And many more.

I think making a gradual shift back to a healthy and balanced diet where we all give ourselves permission to eat intuitively will be our path to success. Trust yourself. It took me a lot of failed diets to take the risk to finally do that, and I am so glad I did. The next step to getting back on track is then to think about what we want more of, not restriction.

Some of you would be trying intuitive eating first time, and if so you should look into this book, because it sounds scary and like it wouldn’t work. If you were already there before the holidays, then it is just a matter of reminding ourselves about all those basics we already know.

Trust me, I have the button on my jeans unbuttoned as I sit here, and I would love to have an easy way out and a clear black and white solution. As a long time dieter who is now reformed, I know the pull of the diet drug. But the truth of the matter is that, if you want to get to a place where you’re not obsessing about food and you want peace, you have to give yourself permission to eat even the black the white and the gray.

Back to Basics on Healthy Seasonal Recipes | Be Positive

Make no mistake, it will probably take a bit longer to drop the pounds, but I promise they will stay off longer if you take your time and implement positive thinking that will help bring healthy lifetime changes.


You are awesome. I am right here with you. Trust yourself. We can do this.



Have you tried intuitive eating?

What are some of the positives you want to focus on?

Do you have some ideas for the basics we should talk about this month?

Did you ever feel like you got a rush from starting a diet?

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